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What is Office 2.0?
Offices and office technology have changed in recent years in every aspect of how they used to be run. The new Office 2.0 is cheaper to build, cost less to operate, have a smaller carbon footprint, and are much more mobile making them a necessity to survive in 2010. Whether you are a freelancer, small business, or already established enterprise, you can have an Office 2.0 in little time. Follow the guidelines below or contact a Phatanium consultant today!

See advantages of Office 2.0 below...
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Get a New Logo
This is not a must have for going to Office 2.0, however it is something you will need in the beginning to put on your business cards, website, electronic invoices, etc. If you already have a logo, sometimes a makeover is in order. Consult with our Art Director for the feeling and direction you want to give your clients. Learn More...
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Get a Domain
Get a domain if you don't have one already. A domain is the part in between the www. and the .com. This will be your company's web address as well as your email address. Learn More...
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Get a Website
Once you have a domain with hosting, the next step is to get a website up. The function of your website is first an online business card available to the world 24/7. Make sure you have ALL information customers will need on your website. Any questions you get over the phone by prospective clients, forms they need to fill out prior to business should be included on the website. Other functions of the website vary on the business. Learn More...
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Use Google Hosted Apps
Yesteryear, offices were loaded with Microsoft Office on each workstation to edit spreadsheets, word processing documents, and presentations. Now all of this can be done in your web browser. Not only does this save you money on the expensive Office Suite, but makes working on documents collaboratively as well as sharing. Perhaps the biggest advantage of GHA is use of your domain with the Gmail servers, get the best SPAM protection and best email software for your company. Learn More...
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Drop the Landline, Get VOIP.
Land based phone lines are expensive. Today, services like Skype, Google Voice, Vonage, and Ooma (to name a few) offer phone service that works through your internet connection for pennies compared to a traditional land line phone line. In addition to cheaper cost, other features like video conferencing and file transfer are added bonuses to boot. Learn More...
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Go Green. Go Paperless.
Most offices don't go 100% paperless, but the can get very close saving money and lowering their environmental impact at the same time. You may be surprised how much you save on paper, toner, a fax line, equipment repairs, etc. Print to PDF using Bullzip. Set up is easy but it can be a complicated process for a normal user, contact one of our consultants today for a free consultation. Learn More...
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Secure Your Data.
There are several free sites that offer online sharing of files. From sharing files to backing up files, to erasing hard drives, there are a multitude of options and plans for each company. Learn More...
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Be Found.
Get listed in directories and search begins. Every industry, market and company has different marketing needs, tactics, and strategies. Submit your site to places like Google Local, DMOZ Open Business Directory and others or consult with one of our SEO Ninjas to find out what works best for your business. Learn More...

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