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Where to put your old computers in Phoenix AZ

Wondering where to put your old computer or what to do with them? Here are a few links for businesses in the valley:



Free File conversion Site

Convert a file type to another on this site for free. Pretty awesome.

Useful Sites

Check out this site to send big files for FREE!

Starting an online store?

Remember to answer these questions when opening a store online:
1. Do you offer alternate forms of payment (aside from credit card)?
2. Are you safe and secure?
3. Shipping methods?
4. Why are you asking for this information?
5. Do I have to set up an account to buy?
6. Do I get to review my order before we transact?

Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation
Great article on monitoring your reputation online. http://freelancefolder.com/manage-your-online-reputation/

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