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Pay Per Click Management Service
Our pay per click advertising management method is analytical and results-driven. We use methodical approaches that employ a customized pay per click strategy for each client. While we apply the same expert principles to each pay per click campaign that we manage, we assiduously tailor each campaign to address the unique needs and objectives of the client. This way, our clients reap the maximum possible benefit from this dynamic strategy.

Because we regard our clients as business partners rather than accounts, we explain each step of our pay per click management process so that we gain their input and insight. This also ensures that each step of the process meets with their approval. Our customized pay per click campaign management is broken down into the following logical steps:

1. Client Communication – First, we listen to our clients to discover what their wants and expectations are. This allows us to gain invaluable insight into their goods and services and learn what sets them apart.

2. Pay Per Click Keyword Research – We conduct extensive research into which keywords and phrases will provide our clients with the maximum return on their investment.

3. Additional Research – We identify niche opportunities within your industry in the pay per click marketplace to give you a competitive edge.

4. Account Organization – We organize the structure of the pay per click account into AD Groups or “groupings” based on the relevancy and similarities of the keywords we have researched for you.

5. Pay Per Click AD Writing – Our team of seasoned writers will put together the copy of your ADs and then refine and polish the content so that each word is carefully chosen and placed with the appropriate call to action or offer.

6. Landing Page Optimization – Our pay per click advertising experts will review the landing pages on your website and make any improvement recommendations if needed to help these pages generate more sales or leads.

7. Campaign Tracking – We will implement the tracking on your website and we make sure that before we “launch” or activate your pay per click account(s) that the tracking is operational.

8. Ongoing Optimization & Reporting – Based on your specific needs we will conduct keyword level bid optimization changes and provide you with ongoing reporting and communication as needed.

For more information and to receive a custom proposal, please call us at 602-281-4557.

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