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The Best Email Marketing Software Period.
(trust us, we have tried them all)
First and foremost, Phatanium Marketing has a strict No Spam policy. We don’t do it. We don’t believe in it. And we know that spamming simply does not work. That’s why the email marketing service from Phatanium Marketing is based on opt-in email lists only. This ensures that our email marketing campaigns are directed at targeted consumers who are willing and anxious to receive promotions, email surveys and email newsletters.

We are more than your typical email marketing company, Phatanium Marketing handles all aspects of an email marketing campaign, including email creation, list renting, newsletters, surveys, distribution, and then data collection to review the outcomes. We study the campaign results, and then use that information to optimize the next round of the campaign. This keeps your email campaign fluid and adaptable, so we can modify the campaign for optimum results.

Call Phatanium Marketing today at 602-281-4557 or contact us and find out how we can help you drive visitors and sales through an opt-in email campaign.

Phatanium Marketing is a full service Internet marketing company, so we understand all aspects of online marketing. This allows us to provide better services than the typical email marketing agency, as we can utilize our vast knowledge of Internet marketing to make your email campaign adaptable, dynamic, and optimized for maximum exposure.
Email Newsletters

*We ONLY Use Mad Mimi for all opt-in email marketing campaigns! Sign Up For a Free Trial to Mad Mimi.

An email newsletter is one of the best ways to retain customer loyalty, brand a customer, or attract new customers with special offers. Phatanium Marketing will serve as your full-service email marketing agency, by creating an email newsletter from beginning to end.

We will design a newsletter, including graphics and copywriting, and then distribute it for you, using either your in-house list, or a rented list of target audience recipients. Email Newsletters can be created on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, we can templates for you to write your own in-house letters, with optional distribution. This can be done on a weekly or monthly basis.
Email Surveys

*We ONLY Use Mad Mimi for all opt-in email marketing campaigns! Sign Up For a Free Trial to Mad Mimi.

To know your customer and adapt to their changes tastes and needs, an Email Survey is your best solution. This allows you to get immediate feedback from customers about your overall service, or on special promotions or products. It is an easy way to collect feedback and data that will help you improve your business and offerings.

Email surveys can be customized to gain any data you require. Phatanium Marketing will help you formulate a survey, distribute it, and then collect and analyze the data. We are your full-service email survey providers, bringing you the information you need to stay at the top of your industry.

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