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About | phatanium

Top 10 Reasons to Go with Phatanium
  1. We have over 20+ years of IT experience with a proven track record.
  2. We live, eat, and breath everything computer related. We are geeks, and we are proud.
  3. We cost much less than Geek Squad, usually around 50% less!
  4. We are locally owned and operated.
  5. We do everything so you don't have to. From hardware installations, cabling, setting up an iPhone, company email to websites and SEO. We do IT (cleaver isn't it?).
  6. We understand business processes and how technology can be leveraged to your gain.
  7. We keep all your IT related information in our database (upon your permission). Serial numbers, IP addresses, vendor IDs and phone numbers, You shouldn't have to know the support number to your backup server should you?
  8. We have great remote support, we connect in around 90 seconds of calling.
  9. We never sell you something you don't need. We are always walking into businesses who were told they needed this or that when usually there is something free out there that would work instead!
  10. Have said number 9, we WILL sell you what you DO NEED. If your wireless needs better locking down, old hard drives with sensitive data on them, or unprotected parts of your infrastructure, we will let you know what needs to be done, or we wont work on it!
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